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We discovered the formula for keeping it real, the Christian way! Let’s go!

Five Things You Should Know About Dawna and ReGina

1. We met in high school and have remained friends throughout the years. We grew up as “church girls” and have always believed that it’s possible to be a Christian and live a life filled with fun and laughter. We also know that life can throw some heavy blows, but we can get through those rough times if we put God first.

2. We are both HBCU graduates and believe in the value of education through academics and life experience! Educating people through our chats brings us joy. Hopefully our chats will do the same for you.

3. Dawna – I am a teacher, singer, podcast creator, mentor and talk show host. I earned my BA at Hampton University and my MA in Education and Certificate of Supervision from Montclair State University. I’m also certified in Gifted Education. I worked in corporate while finishing grad school. I joined a girl group, did background vocals for a few artists, met some nice shady people & signed a bad contract. Fast forward 23 years & counting, I’m doing what I love! When you have a calling, there is no need to run from it. You might as well surrender.

4. ReGina – I am a certified life coach, professional organizer, author, motivational speaker, talk show host and proud mother. I studied Management at Virginia State University and Business Management at the University of Phoenix. I earned a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership at National University. I’ve been married, divorced and raised two beautiful and confident young men. I’ve always believed that a clean space equals a clear mind. I love helping people declutter and get organized. My passion is helping people transform their lives in every way. I found my voice and I want to help you find yours.

5. We have a desire to share our collective knowledge with you. Life can be complicated and filled with winding twists and sharp turns. Sometimes you may feel like you’re alone but stick with us and we’ll take this journey together. Transformation is ours!

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“Live, Love, Laugh & always keep it real!”

Learn it and live it!


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Pastor's Bio

Prophetess Ovaina Robinson  has been preaching and serving the Lord faithfully and currently resides as the proud Leader of Purpose Driven Outreach. Prophetess Ovaina Robinson  enjoys her unique responsibility as shepherd of Purpose Driven Outreach and as overseer of this wonderful spirit filled Ministry, Prophetess Ovaina Robinson wants the best for all of us. An effective communicator of God’s Word, Prophetess Ovaina Robinson  is known for her practical and dynamic teaching style which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives.

Prophetess Ovaina Robinson ’s anointing has allowed her to minister to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul. With such a great calling to fulfill, she finds time to make calls to our community, teach the word, and spend time studying God’s word. Her ultimate desire is to see people fully embrace God’s love and to walk in victory and power while experiencing the fullness of God’s promises. This is your invitation to experience our Ministry and all the wonderful opportunities Christ has in store for you.

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